Monday, September 29, 2008

Summer Shorties

It's seriously heating up here in Sydney, with a 31 degree day Sunday, so we thought we would do a post on all our little shorties from our latest collection..although they're designed as sleep shorts, we sport ours down at the beach, as they're made from 100% cotton, and dry quickly and easily over our swim suits!

Poppy Shorts can be found here

Canne Shorts here

Daisy Duke Shorts here

Le Matin shorts here

Rome shorts here

Seriously Sweet Wedding

There are so many things that got us with this gorgeous wedding, but in particular the cute graphic design, the styling, attention to detail, and how they pulled off something so cool for a low budget


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Summer Loving

This warm weather is so inspiring, although it's shame the water is still so cold here

Pics found here

Sleeping Soundly

Given that we are a sleepwear label, it makes sense that one of our favourite pastimes (that we rarely get to indulge in for too long) is sleeping. We found this lovely post on sleeping, and the photo's are so sweet we wanted to share them with you